August 24, 2008

guys r like jerk..

now, i totally hate him.. seriously, guys always make my life miserable. i dun deserve them n they dun deserve me.
n now, im angry wit all of them dat make me feel like im totally stupid. i am normal n i have feelings.
1 thing for sure rite now, i never have any relationship with any guys. dat abg-ketam is not my ex! he doesnt admit dat we hav relationship, n dats fine. like i care bout him. its hard bha dis few days for me.
nak prepare mentally and stuft to mesir. and about d only guy dat i like..
bha semua kata jgn suka kat dia..
  1. abg jerry
  2. kiki
  3. linda
  4. dewi
  5. renn
atas dgn ini..
sy.. bahawasanya sy akan lupakan dia.~

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