April 10, 2009

1. Name the people you tagged.
~ amad, nini, inn

2. Describe yourself in one word.
~ mamai2

3.Who would you pick,someone who really loves you or the one you love?
~ d one dat really love me

4.Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her?
~ nope

5.What if people rejects your confession face to face?
~ ermmm.. tergamam

6.God is giving you just 5 minutes before going back to heaven,IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?
~ i'll wait 4 u. *tiru ayat inn*

7.What will you say to a person who doesn't want to believe you?
~ peduli lah ko nak percaya ka tidak. huhuhu

8.Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
~ nope

9.Do you have something special with you all the time?
~ yuup

10.Long distance love?
~ i do so want to believe in the phrase'love conquers all',so evo,am rooting fr you!! show me its true!!

11.Best place to cry.
~ somewhere yg xda org,but very noisy *mn la tuhh?*

12.Who do you love the most?
~ my parents and sisters

13.Tell us of your dream last night.
~ twas weird. xperlu tau apa

14.Ever hated someone so bad?
~ yep.

15.The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard.
~ *yep,i'll wait fr you* bykla ko pny wait.

16.The last person you had a beer with?
~ apakah? beer? root beer? dh lma xmnum root beer

17. The last person you went to the movies with?
~ ages dh xtgk movie

18.The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
~ my cousin

19. The last person you hugged?
~ no one

20.The last person you yelled at?
~ no one jgk

21.In the last week have you kissed someone?
~ nope

22.Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
~ mls mau ingt,xmau ingt

23.If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
~ to be at home,with mama,ayh,adek,along,mkn pisang goreng,minum teh tarik di belakang rumah nu :)

24.If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
~ balek twu

25.What do you hate the most?
~ uncertainties

26.What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
~ my family

27.Five facts About Me.
~ sy emo
~ lmbut hati sbenany
~ very naive
~ self-cnfessed nerd
~ sy very into underworld stuff :P

28.Five things that scares me:
~ nt passing exams
~ disappointing my parents
~ losing my family
~ nt gd enough to deserve anythng from anyone
~ to be betrayed

29.Two Songs Playing in My Head Lately.
~ cinta ini membunuhku,d'masiv (?)
~ mengintai langit,coco

30.Five Things I treasure in my life:
~ my religion
~ my family
~ my friends
~ my hopes
~ my heart

Where is your cell phone?
~ nh,ats meja

What's your current relationship status?
~ single,bt nt available :)

Are you happy today?
~ xsgt

Who will cut and paste this first?
~ fuzz maybe,sal evo sda buat neh,haha~

Someone with the same birthday as you?
~ didi,fellow pioneer.kak raja,senior.erra fazira,seriously

Are you mean?
~ i can be

Have you ever sang in front of a large audience?
~ haha,pnah2 :)

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
~ haha,nope

Current song you're listening to?
~ tgh azan lahh

Is your birthday on a holiday?
~ this year,yes :)

Have you ever been rushed to the emergency room?
~ nt that i knw of

Person who texted you..
~ mama

Talk on the phone..
~ my cousin

~ no one

Person you text messaged
~ mama

Person you take pictures with
~ fuzz and din

You kissed
~ no one

Where are you going?
~ d rmh ja

~ the roomies

What are you going to do there?
~ study lahh,esk test

What are your plans?
~ lectures and assessment :S

Dislikes about tomorrow?
~ esk ada assessment. biochem and histo,both adalah yg xbrapa disukai,huu~

Did last night?
~ molecular biology

Thinking about someone?
~ tamau jwb

Missing someone?
~ someoneS,to be exact

Current mood?
~ nt so ok

Are you listening to music?
~ nope,azan

Had anyone sing or play music for you personally?
~ pnah,ada,n aku xtau apa motif dy,but thnx nway,twas sweet of you

Forgive anyone who did you wrong the previous day?
~ sy ni cpat mrh,tp cpat cool jgak,tp kdg2 if mmg unfrgivable,jgn hrp la sy tego kamu lg,tho sy dh mmg maafkn,ok?

What do your cousins call you?
~ piien,angah

Has anyone ever told you they like you more than a friend?
~ uhm... aah... err..

Name one cute celebrity..
~ oliver james

Who do you like to spend your days with?
~ the family

Favorite ice-cream?
~ choc

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
~ yep

What's the weirdest thing you've heated up in the microwave?
~ xska pki microwave,haha~

Do you fall for people easily?
~ hm...

Anything more you want to say?
~ july ohh july,fast frward bleh? symahupulang!!!

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