December 09, 2010

blog dah basi.

"I’m not perfect. Quite the opposite, in fact. Full of imperfections. I’m not the cutest girl. I’m not the funniest. I’m insecure. I don’t trust people. I get offended easily. I over-think. I bottle things up, avoid them. I’m complicated. I don’t smile as much as I should. I’m impatient. I’m sarcastic to the point it could be harsh. I’m awkward most of the time. The list can go on forever, but the thing is. I care about you. In a way words cannot explain. My best friend argues and says that I’m wrong for fighting for you. For waiting. She thinks that in the end I’m going to be heartbroken. But I try to explain to her that it’s not like that. That you aren’t a player. That you have a heart. But she’s so convinced that she’s right that she’s starting to make me wonder. Is she right? Are you going to break me? I want to not believe her because we have all these moments. But moments don’t make relationships. They don’t make us into anything. They can be memories, but I’m not sure about how you feel. Is waiting and fighting and being, here wasting my time? Me and her, we argue about this. And I still won’t turn my back and let you go. It’s because through all my imperfections, through all my mistakes, falling for you is the one thing that seems right."

quotes yang Aina kebetulan baca kat tumblr.
ketika aku bersemangat waja bercerita kat dia tadi pagi.
ps : kata kata diatas mengingatkan dia tetang aku.

*aina, nampak sgt hang tak kusyuk dengar aku bercerita. 

sebulan dah basi dah blog nie.
hari nie unprivatekan blog
esok aku update.
bye bye.